“The funds I received for the B2O program saved and changed my life. It gave me a great career, awesome education that I got to put to use out here, and an even better financial future for my family! Thinking about going? Do it. Stop wasting time.”

– Kelani “Tai” Velasco


“After finishing the program, I actually got hired by [an oilfield training provider] as an instructor. I worked with them for 6 months on a major project and provided training in Houston as well. After 6 months, I got hired by [an oilfield contractor], which provides contract work to [a large operator]. I working as their trainer/safety coach for a couple months, when they asked if I was interested in training to become a project lead, aka company man. That’s where I am right now. I’m currently in month 4 of 6 of training to be a company man for their facilities group which is in charge of building production facilities in the Eagle Ford area. The training from the B2O program was great and played a key role in my development. Best decision I’ve ever made!”

– Francisco Javier Quezada


“The training served as an excellent base line that gave me the certifications to work almost anywhere in the oil and gas industry from offshore / land drilling rigs to refinery’s. The training incorporated an excellent balance of classroom and hands on instruction so that I not only left the program with a conceptual understanding of the material but also experience through the hands on training. As a veteran of the US Military I enjoyed the fact that courses where taught by military veterans that also had extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. Within 2 weeks of graduation I was presented with 4 offers of employment ranging from land Fracking operator to offshore H2S Technician with an oil and gas safety company.”

– Franklin Shanks


After getting out of the service I tried attending college for a year, but found I needed income to support my family and me. After desperately looking around for good jobs, and delivering pizza to make ends meet for almost a year; I discovered Battlefields to Oilfields. The program was amazing. I gained a broad knowledge of the industry and attained more certifications than my employer could believe!

– Eric Bousquet


“The program I went through was the best training to get you ready for a career in the oilfield, PERIOD. I was able to use the knowledge gained from B2O to secure a HSE job, where I was the only member in my division, without a maritime law degree. That’s a testament to the information I learned through B2O. My goal is to make it so every veteran that wants to go through a program like this is able to. I had to scrape and save every dollar I made to change my life–not everyone can do that. Mission Vets wants to enable any and all veterans to consistantly and competently support themselves and their families.”

– Chad Hays